Sharing knowledge is our motto

In today’s digital world, knowledge is the resource that connects people and business. In this world of knowledge, every individual is a source because of their unique experiences. At the same time every individual is a consumer too as everyone wants to know something new. 

Prism effect and spectrum of knowledge

Our Mission 

Connecting the world through the spectrum of Knowledge.”

YesmindZ Weblog envisions to be in the knowledge economy. The aim is to collect information on relevant contemporary topics, analyse them and share it back with the society in the form of thought provoking articles. 

Our purpose is fulfilled, when readers find value in our posts and we thrive for the same.

You can be benefited

The knowledge universe is unbound and to provide a direction, we keep our focus on certain specific areas. These target areas are, # entrepreneurship, # management, # sustainability, # business, # economics, # finance, # social development and any other related areas of business and entrepreneurship. Every post/ article is derived from real life experience. Hence, they are realistic and dependable. We believe that our articles will be liked by management students, managers, entrepreneurs and startups.


YesmindZ Weblog gets patronage from multitude of people consisting of experienced professionals, teachers, students and entrepreneurs on a purely non-commercial basis. It’s association with YesmindZ Academy helps explore contemporary global topics and highly experienced academicians.