Yesmindz Consultants works with clients to provide meaningful solution to their business and project, create value and long term sustainability.

About Us

At Yesmindz Business Consulting, we specialize in helping businesses achieve their full potential through successful implementation of projects, improved operational performance and resolving financial constraints. With our expert team of management and technical consultants, we provide tailored solutions to address your unique challenges and drive sustainable growth.

Why Choose Yesmindz?

  • Experience and Expertise: Our consultants bring a wealth of experience across various industries and functional areas. The consultants have successfully assisted numerous clients in optimizing their performance, reducing risk, improving performance, and maximizing profitability.
  • Customized Approach: We understand that every business is different. You may be in different sector, in a different geographic location, having different strengths and weaknesses. You may fall in the category of a large corporate or a mid-size enterprise or a MSME, needing solutions that fit your requirement. That’s why we take a personalized approach to consulting, ensuring our solutions align with your specific goals and objectives. Our strategies are designed to fit seamlessly into your organization, fostering long-term success.
  • Innovative Solution: In a rapidly evolving business landscape, innovation is key to staying ahead. Our consultancy stays up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices. We offer innovative solutions that help you adapt, transform, and thrive in an ever-changing market.
  • Collaboration: We believe in building strong relationships with our clients. We work closely with you, combining our expertise with your deep understanding of your business to achieve remarkable results. We value open communication, transparency, and trust throughout the entire consulting process.

Our Services

We offer end to end business consulting solution for your needs. Whether, you are new to the market and wanting to assess the market demand potential before making an entry decision or you have a great idea and scouting for an investor or negotiating with a lender or you want to document your plan as a baseline document that can be amended over time or you want to take over a business and want to understand the prospects, our expert solutions will fit into your need.

Business Planning

Demand Assessment:

A demand assessment study plays a crucial role in understanding the market landscape, customer needs, and growth potential. It provides valuable insights that guide decision-making, help businesses target the right audience, and develop effective marketing and sales strategies. Conducting a comprehensive demand assessment study is essential for businesses aiming to launch new products, enter new markets, or make informed strategic decision.

Demand Assessment

Business Pitch:

Business Pitch

You have an idea and you want to prepare a Business Pitch to address your investor or partner or shareholder or client to take their decision. The demand for concise Business Pitch has increased manifold over the years because of the busy schedule of investors. The demand for business pitches arises where effective communication, persuasion, and concise storytelling are crucial. Pitches serve as a means to captivate and engage the audience, convey the value proposition of a business or idea, and ultimately achieve specific objectives such as securing funding or gaining clients.

Information Memorandum:

An information memorandum, is a comprehensive document prepared by a company or investment bank to provide detailed information about a business or investment opportunity to potential investors or buyers. It is commonly used in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions, private placements, venture capital fundraising and raising debt from banks.

Information Memorandum

Business Case:

Business Case

A business case report is a document that outlines the rationale and justification for a business proposition, investment, or project. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the potential benefits, costs, risks, and feasibility of the proposed plan. It helps decision-makers evaluate the viability and impact of the initiative. A well-prepared business case report serves as a valuable tool for organizations to evaluate and justify the plan.

Risk Advisory

Technical Due Diligence (TDD):

Technical due diligence is a careful and structured evaluation of the technical aspects of a project. It is typically conducted during M & A, investment transactions, or partnerships where technology plays a critical role. The purpose of technical due diligence is to assess the technical feasibility, risks, and opportunities associated with the target company or project, providing valuable insights for decision-making and risk mitigation.

Technical Due Diligence

Techno Economic Viability (TEV) & Feasibility Study:

Techno Economic Viability

A techno-economic viability (TEV) study is an evaluation conducted to assess the feasibility of a project on both technical and economic perspectives. It involves a comprehensive analysis of the technical aspects, market dynamics, and financial considerations to determine whether the project is technically feasible and financially viable.

Lenders’ Independent Engineer (LIE):

A lender’s independent engineer (LIE) plays a significant role in assessing the technical and engineering aspects of a project on behalf of lenders or financial institutions. The primary purpose of an LIE is to provide an unbiased and expert evaluation of the project’s technical considerations, construction progress, compliance with agreed specifications /standards and utilization of fund. This evaluation helps lenders make informed decisions regarding project financing and risk management.

Lenders’ Independent Engineer

Financing Solution

Financing Solutions

Whether you need to customize your financing needs through specialized structuring of finance, or you are looking for debt from banks or financial institutions or you are looking for equity partner in your business, we can look into your requirement and along-with our partners take you through this process to meet the expectations.

Team, Experience and Partners

At Yesmindz Business Consulting, we believe that an experienced and capable team can make the difference. Thus, our team is driven by a highly experienced professional with long track-record. We also have partnered with subject matter experts from a wide spectrum of sectors that includes, minerals and metals, chemicals, fertilizers, pharma, power & renewable energy, road, ports, hospitality, healthcare etc.


We also have partnered with professional syndication companies that can take forward your need and solve your financing issues.

Contact Us

For your consulting needs, you may write to us briefly explaining the background and your requirement. Once we analyze your requirement, we would get back to you with our preliminary opinion or observation or questions. A meeting can be planned once we understand of your requirement better.