Services - Risk Advisory
  • Technical Due Diligence:
  • Technical due diligence is a careful and structured evaluation of the technical aspects of a project. It is typically conducted during M & A, investment transactions, or partnerships where technology plays a critical role. The purpose of technical due diligence is to assess the technical feasibility, risks, and opportunities associated with the target company or project, providing valuable insights for decision-making and risk mitigation.

  • Techno Economic Viability:
  • A techno-economic viability (TEV) study is an evaluation conducted to assess the feasibility of a project on both technical and economic perspectives. It involves a comprehensive analysis of the technical aspects, market dynamics, and financial considerations to determine whether the project is technically feasible and financially viable.

  • Lenders’ Independent Engineer:
  • A lender's independent engineer (LIE) plays a significant role in assessing the technical and engineering aspects of a project on behalf of lenders or financial institutions. The primary purpose of an LIE is to provide an unbiased and expert evaluation of the project's technical considerations, construction progress, compliance with agreed specifications /standards and utilization of fund. This evaluation helps lenders make informed decisions regarding project financing and risk management.